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Blue Snoopy is a 2018 Adria Altea 402PH Sports Caravan pulled by a 2012 Nissan Navara ST Dual Cab Ute.



8 June 2007 – Yulara

We slept in until 7.15am and were actually reluctant to get up then.

After breakfast we headed out to Uluru to partake of the final walk called the Kuniya walk. Firstly we drove around the rock stopping to take photographs in all the right places. We also stopped at the rock climb to allow “Him” to take some photographs from part way up the rock. All the signs ask you not to climb and “His” first attempt was halted with the discovery of a full memory card part way up the climb.After replacing the card, the second attempt was halted by a grazed hand from casually brushing by a boulder. Maybe the warning was there for a reason as the climb is really very dangerous!

The Kuniya walk was very nice and gave us the opportunity to see some rock art and also a waterhole that was said to be used by the local wildlife.

We enjoyed a quick coffee at the Cultural Centre before heading to Kata Tjuta (aka The Olgas).
It is our opinion that Kata Tjuta is more impressive that Uluru. We had two walks, the first being “The Valley of the Winds” and the second the “Walpa Gorge Walk”.The latter was very impressive as we walked into a gorge with heaps of vegetation at the end including a flowing water source.
When we arrived back at Yulara, we did a quick shop, refuelled the motor-home and had quick shower before watching the sunset from the local lookout.

Chicken “things” for tea, they were not bad and were served with salad.

We had a quiet night uploading photographs to the computer and thinking about the next part of our journey which is the start of the trip home(sob!!!).

We have been keeping records of fuel consumption for the motor home and it looks like the magic number for speed is around 90 kilometres per hour. This is 40 kilometres per hour under the Northern Territory speed limit however, the Iveco appears to perform very well at this speed and the overall ride is far better than that at 100 kilometres per hour. We will maintain this speed until the last day of the trip when we have to tear back to Sydney for a christening.

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