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7 June 2007 – Yulara

The day started with a 6am alarm followed by a quick breakfast before heading to a lookout near the campsite for views of sunrise on Uluru. We were on the wrong side to see the sunrise but what we shared with a lot of other people was only ordinary. We won’t be going to the designated viewing site as we feel that sunset has more appeal.


We spent the majority of the day at the Rock where we took a guided tour of the “Marla” walk and then went to the local Cultural Centre. “She” spotted a small snake that disappeared fairly quickly. “She” described the snake as being green in colour however, based on “His” observations and a photograph, the snake appeared to be a baby brown snake. Best left alone and in hind sight, not really the right thing for a close-up photograph to be taken!

We contemplated climbing the rock however, we chose to honour the requests made by the custodians not to climb. This had nothing to do with the fact that 37 people have actually died whilst climbing the rock nor the fact that it is extremely steep,slippery and downright dangerous. “He” did start the climb going as high as what is known as “chicken rock”.

We returned to the campsite mid afternoon for showers before returning to the designated area for sunset viewing. This was well worth the 2 hour wait. We did experience the joy of the motor-home lifestyle as we enjoyed a scotch with ice and cheese and biscuits whilst waiting for sunset. A photograph taken at sunset is posted belowe.

On the return to our camp site, we tried the driving lights for the first time.Not bad!

Once again we had “emergency meals” for tea.


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