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1 June 2007 – Coober Pedy to Alice Springs

We were up at 6.00am and departed at 7.30am with a home made coffee to go.  No photographs were taken on the way out as “She’s” camera ran out of battery.  But not to worry, we are returning on the way home.

Coober Pedy still showed its presence for several kilometres after we departed with the evidence everywhere of opal mining.  First stop today was Marla where we refuelled and had a quick snack.  Our intended destination today was Erldunda, however, our itinerary states “Depending on how we feel and the time we arrive at this location, we may decide to continue on for a further two (2) hours and spend the night at Alice Springs.  We will make that decision during the course of this day and as soon as we get a signal on the mobile telephone, possibly book another night in the caravan park at Alice Springs.”

By mid morning we had done the sums and estimated that at our current speed of 90 klm’s per hour, we should arrive in Alice Springs between 4.30pm and 5.00pm.  A telephone call was made at Erldunda and an additional night was booked in Alice Springs.

As far as today went, all we did was drive.  Total distance travelled was 698 kilometres and our fuel consumption was exceptional with cruise control engaged at 90 kilometres per hour.  The road was really boring with the landscape simply desert of various forms.  It was still curios to note the level of vegetation in places compared to “nothing” in other places.It was simply quite remarkable.

We arrived at Alice Springs at 4.50pm and headed straight for the caravan park.  Unfortunately the cost was $42 per night with an ensuite and the comment was made that their “rates had gone up today”.  We presume that this relates to their peak season and the Finke Desert Race next weekend.  Nevertheless, we will be comfortable for three nights as we have decided to stay on Sunday night rather than the 200 kilometres back to Erldunda under circumstances where they cannot guarantee us a site.

“She” passed a comment during the day of a high school (Clarenvale (or the like) HS (homestead)) located in the middle of nowhere.

We had dinner at a local restaurant.

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