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31 May 2007 – Port Augusta to Coober Pedy

Another early start to the day with the alarm going off at 6.00am.

We had a comfortable night and each night seems to be getting better as we become accustomed to the bed in the motor-home.  The temperature outside was very cool and the weather forecast mentioned a front coming across the Great Australian Bight and the Adelaide forecast was for rain for several days.  No mention was made of central South Australia.We planned to depart at 7.30am but were delayed briefly following a chat with our neighbour who was after information about the screens we attach to the cabin windows.  We finally departed at 7.45am and turned onto the Sturt Highway about 100 metres after the caravan park.  The Stuart Highway runs the entire length of Australia between Port Augusta and Darwin.

Within a short space of time we left civilisation and over the next six hours we experienced so many changes in the landscape they are difficult to describe.  The further north we travelled, the fewer trees and bushes we saw.  The ground changes colour several times and numerous photographs were taken.  During the day we saw numerous road trains with the longest being a petrol tanker with four trailers.  First major stop was made at Pimba for fuel.  Pimba consists of a roadhouse with fuel costing 156.9 cents per litre.

We have been told that the further north we travel, the dearer the fuel will become.  Pimba is 6 kilometres away from Woomera and if you continue further past Woomera, you will come to Roxby Downs and the Olympic Dam Uranium Mine.

Lunch was taken at a roadside stop and these stops are very popular with most travellers taking advantage of the “Stop & Revive” technique.  The majority of vehicles on the road were four wheel drives towing caravans.  There were very few motor homes and even less sedans.  About 200 kilometres short of Coober Pedy the landscape changes to what only can be described as desert.  We thought we had already seen desert but we now saw vast areas of “nothing”.Rocks, red dirt and more rocks.  Very little vegetation.  This landscape continued all the way to Coober Pedy.

We passed a spot on the road that was marked as a landing strip and signs stated that the road was used by the Royal Flying Doctor.  Quite unique!Prior to arriving in Coober Pedy we noted signs relating to mining and soon noted piles of dirt along the road.  This indicated we were approaching opal country.  We arrived at Coober Pedy just before 3pm.

Coober Pedy is difficult to describe as it is a town built around opal mines.  There is NO grass, just dirt and dust and then more dirt and dust! And there are Aborigines.  We were warned that are a problem in the area and it was even mentioned that the caravan park we booked into has a problem.  Time will only tell.

After check in, we did a quick tour of the town and finally returned to have pre dinner drinks just after 5pm.  We met our next door neighbours, a couple from Melbourne (Tony & Liz) travelling to WA via the top end, and after speaking with them for a half an hour, we settled down to ham steaks, pineapple and coleslaw for tea.Spoke with “His” sister via MSN and our son via mobile.



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